What Christmas Means to Me

by Mary Adeniyi

A Christmas Tree

My favourite season is here once again! Christmas means many things to me, but I can summarise them in 3 categories – the Christian faith, family and memories.

The Christian Faith 

Being a Christian, December 25th is a day I and many others around the world use to celebrate the birth, life and death of Jesus. I attend church services to sing Christmas carols on the 24th December and attend church services on the 25th December most times.

Prayers are said, and the reading of Scripture pertaining to the Gospel are often read and pondered on. I also use it as a chance to reflect on my Christian faith too.


Whether it’s the buying of gifts, helping out with the cooking, or just enjoying my family’s company, Christmas is a great season to bring the family together. Extended family member’s usually come round, and it’s always a good time to catch up with them!

Sometimes, my siblings and I use the festive season to walk around and explore central London. The Christmas lights and decorations are always a beautiful thing to see, and the people around me just add to the exciting buzz of the season.


Christmas only comes around once a year, and I think that it’s something that makes the festive season even more special. On December 25th, many pictures and videos are taken, from the food to the opening of presents, to the games we play.

I look back on previous Christmas days and smile because of all the amazing memories that are made. It reminds me of the importance of family, love and community too.

I hope you have an incredible Christmas day and season and a Happy New Year!