International Foundation Programme – Student Oscars (Canterbury)

It is tradition on the International Foundation Programme to mark the end of the academic year with a little bit of fun!

At the end of the Foundation Year, students vote for, and are awarded, student Oscars! And it is not just the students, two teacher awards are also on the ballot, with ‘Most Helpful Teacher’ and ‘Best Dressed Teacher’ up for grabs.

‘Oscar’ Certificates were presented at the final presentation on the 18th of May. A full list of winners can be found below:

Nicest smile – Samantha Kamanga

Most Punctual Student – Noora Alkaabi

Most likely to succeed – Alhanouf Aldosari & Noora Alkaabi

Future Oscar Winner – Niamh Hayden

Most likely to succeed – Tom Turner

Most likely to be famous – Niamh Hayden

Biggest party animal – Niamh Hayden

Best Student Rep – Victoria Shoko

Most helpful teacher – Noel Ensoll

Best dressed teacher – Chris Henry

Congratulations to all winners, and to all our students for their hard work on the International Foundation Programme.