About the GOLD Programme

by Akshay Chandran

In my view, the GOLD Programme was one of the most fulfilling experiences I had while at the University of Kent. The programme aims to instil in you the required leadership qualities, cultural understanding, and, most importantly, to prepare you to be a global citizen.

To begin with, the programme is a wonderful way to improve your social skills while also meeting new individuals on campus. In a broader sense, it enables you to connect with and understand people from all backgrounds, as well as appreciate their culture. Second, you will participate in vibrant conversations and debates about various themes related to cultural awareness, as well as acquire insight into how to become an “effective leader.” This means you will learn how to successfully plan an event as well as how to execute that event. The most exciting aspect is that you will be able to put what you have learned into practice by arranging events at the campus or preparing virtual events. This will not only ensure that you meet new people, but you will also get employability points that you may redeem for work experience or an internship.

I was able to put the skills I gained from the GOLD Programme to work by establishing my own cryptocurrency mentorship programme. Because I had already been instilled with the necessary skills and strategies taught in the workshop, the process of planning and implementing the programme felt much easier. Furthermore, the idea of mentoring someone was something I had never considered before, but because the GOLD Programme trains you to be vocal about your ideas and thoughts I was able to explore and efficiently carry out this skill and this helped me to reach out to a larger audience.

In addition to the employability points you will obtain upon completing this programme, you will also receive a certificate of recognition and a personal reference from the University’s Dean of Internalization . This is then added to your CV, emphasizing that you are a person who is interested in learning new things. participate actively in the community and collaborate with others to make our world more peaceful and sustainable thereby strengthening the idea that you are a globally-minded citizen.

Because of all of these exciting aspects, you can either take this program as a credit-bearing module or participate in it to get useful insights. So join the program immediately and get involved in what promises to be an exciting experience for you.