Develop your Global Citizenship


Would you like to develop your Global Citizenship and make a difference to your campus community and beyond?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you may wish to consider opting for GOLD5000 Global Leadership Development as a wild module next year.  This module follows the University’s Global Officers Leadership Development (GOLD) Programme, which provides a framework of activities for globally-minded students to develop their leadership skills, global citizenship and cultural awareness.

During the course of the module, you will be able to contribute and lead on various internationalisation activities across the university, thus making an impact and creating the student experience that you want to have while at Kent.

“The skills that you gain are applicable to almost every industry, and the atmosphere of the session exceeded my expectations.  It doesn’t feel like another tiresome module that you are trudging through to get your degree, but rather a breath of fresh air that you are relieve to see on your timetable”  Sorrel Wilson, 2nd year student studying GOLD5000.  Read her full blog post on why she recommends GOLD5000 here.

If you are interested in finding out more about this module, students can attend a drop in session on any of the dates below:

Thursday 17th March at 11-11.30am (via MS Teams: Link to join here)

Monday 21st March at 11-11.45am (in-person: Templeman Seminar Room 01)

During these sessions, you can also find out more about our Talking Cultures Workshops and ENLA4007 Talking Cultures, which aim to enhance intercultural awareness by exploring cultural heritage, prejudices and stereotypes.

For more information about the courses offered by International Programmes, please contact