Enhancement Week Language Exchange Event

Students learning Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian practise with native speakers.

students practising language skills

This year’s annual Language Exchange event took place on 6 November,  during Enhancement Week.

The event is for students who take World Language or Language Express courses in Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin or Russian and gives them the opportunity to talk to native speakers of the language they are learning.  This year, 25 learners and 19 native-speakers joined the event. They had fun talking, laughing and exchanging social network contact details. The participants were having so much fun that they stayed on past the official finish time.

CEWL’s Language Exchange community allows you to to find someone you can practise with, learn from and improve your chosen language. If you would like to join and take part in the next event on 26 February 2020, sign up via Moodle