‘I began with little knowledge of current affairs and left fluent.’

Philosophy and Literature Student Iona discusses her experience on the Study Plus Journalism course at our Medway campus.

I began with little knowledge of current affairs and left fluent. Coming from a Philosophy and Literature background, my main interests were in print and distribution, publishing, research, writing and editing.

Not only did I develop skills directly in line with my passions, but I expanded my skill set by taking on new skills I wouldn’t have considered if it weren’t for this course.

Some of those include filming, sound and video editing on Final Cut Pro, voice recording in a real studio, [live] audio tech, script-writing, formatting and minimising on Adobe InDesign, and more. Getting to use these premium applications was a pleasure; I’ve already downloaded both on my computer!

The first day was an intense series of lectures given by the unforgettable staff on different journalistic focuses that challenged how myself and the class would consider how we went about doing our tasks over the next few days.

One of the best things about how the course is structured is that every day was about reaching a clear, collective goal. This encouraged creative, relevant learning, teamwork, and was the biggest catalyst in course-mates getting to know each other.

I don’t have a favourite day or task. Some things were purely computer-based, some were ‘out in the field’ and definitely pushed people to be resilient and socially open.

Everything was a different perspective unlocked, and everyone worked so well together that you’d think we had been friends for longer! We even started embedding inside jokes in our projects to keep morale up and connections strong.

At the end of it all, we were given a keepsake USB with all of our combined efforts loaded onto it. Looking through the content, I realised that what I – and everyone in the class – got out of the course was a priceless timepiece.

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