Pre-sessional students showcase work at poster presentation event

On Friday the 7th of June our Pre-sessional students presented their work as a marker of their four weeks on the seventeen-week programme. This was the first large project undertaken by the Pre-sessional students this term.

Prior to the event, students were put into small groups and asked to come up with a topic of their choice surrounding life at the University of Kent. The students were then required to conduct a survey about their topics before presenting the results of the surveys in a poster at the presentation on Friday.

Many of the students chose to focus on services at the University and student satisfaction surrounding these services. Topics ranged from the satisfaction of security services on campus to student opinions on campus restaurants. The results of these surveys were established after interviewing 60 to 80 students.

Following the survey, the students then created posters which exhibited their results. The groups were responsible for designing the posters themselves and having them printed by the graphics and design team on campus.

The presentation was an excellent opportunity for the Pre-sessional students to practise their English speaking and listening skills. The event was a great way to help boost the students’ confidence when discussing their work and gave them a clear insight into the independent research expected at university level.

We are thrilled at the outcome of the event and very proud of the work produced by our Pre-sessional students. Well done to everyone who took part!