Another successful Language Exchange evening

On Monday 19 November 2018, the Centre for English and World Languages hosted another successful Language Exchange evening in the Chipperfield Atrium.

Language Exchange is a great initiative offered by CEWL to provide our World Language students with the opportunity to practice their conversational skills in the languages they are currently studying which include Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian. We host an annual Language Exchange evening and invite our language learners as well as native speakers from across campus to meet and converse in their respective languages.

“With the CEWL Admin team’s full support, we held another annual Language Exchange Event successfully in our lovely atrium in Chipperfield building on 19th November 2018. There were more than 65 language learners and native speakers attended the event this year.

This annual event has been well received by the students following the pioneer Mandarin and English Language Exchange Event held in November 2012. It is aiming to provide opportunities for our students who are studying Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Russian modules and LX courses to use and practice the languages they are learning with native speakers outside their classrooms. Our students appreciated the chances to talk to native speakers face to face. Native speakers are excited that they could help someone who is learning their languages in the meantime to improve their English.

Through talking to and befriending with people from other countries, students have greatly enhanced their languages learning experience. This event has also helped raising students’ cultural awareness.”

Ru Su
World Languages Convenor and Mandarin Tutor

If you would like more information about the language learning opportunities available within the Centre for English and World Languages, please visit our website or email