“Life as a student at the University of Kent has been very enjoyable! Coming here was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Vivian Moreno studied on the Biosciences pathway of our International Foundation Programme during 2013-2014. She recently graduated from a degree in Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year at Kent this summer and is now a postgraduate research associate at Yale Cancer Biology Institute at Yale University. Below Vivian shares some of her experiences of how the IFP provided her with the skills and confidence she needed to prepare for her transition to the UK university education.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Kent?

The UK in general has a great education system, and the University of Kent offered a great biomedical sciences programme as an undergraduate degree. I knew I would be academically challenged and would learn a lot throughout my studies.

Why did you choose the IFP?

I felt that the IFP would prepare me and provide me a good foundation of the university system here in the UK. I had not done A-levels as it was not offered throughout my studies in Texas, and the IFP would provide me the opportunity to adapt and successfully prepare me for my degree programme.

What do you like about it?

The IFP provided various modules that gave me the knowledge and skills that would help me succeed through my undergraduate studies at the University of Kent. I also became friends with a lot of people from my course, and it was nice to be able to support one another to make it through the foundation year.

How does the course challenge you?

The course challenged me because I was given insight on the Uni education system here at Kent, and at first it was a bit of an adjustment trying to adapt to Uni life on my own. I also was challenged with what was expected of a student in university, additionally the courses and resources during the IFP helped me adjust to life at Uni, but also I was provided constructive feedback on how to improve in order to further succeed throughout my degree programme here at Kent.

What made this course stand out compared to others you looked at?

Throughout my research at different IFP programmes, the one here at Kent I felt would fully prepare me for my studies throughout my degree programme. Additionally, if I met the grade requirement it allowed me to stay here at Kent. I was very excited and eager to take on the IFP and remain at Kent since the Biomedical Sciences programme is accredited, had high student satisfactory, and is ranked highly in Biomedical Sciences.

What has life been like as a student at the University of Kent? What do you enjoy about it?

Life as a student at the University of Kent has been very enjoyable! Coming here was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel like I’m learning so much throughout my degree programme, I’ve made friends that I can call family, and made some memories that will definitely last me a lifetime!

What are the facilities like here to support your studies? Are the lecturers approachable and supportive?

I have the felt the facilities have been great! My lecturers have been very approachable and supportive throughout my studies. Any questions I had, I was always guided in the right direction. They really want us to excel and to do well here, and push us to do our best!

What do you think about the campus and the facilities that are available to students? Are there societies and social groups you can join?

I think the campus and facilities are great, and very accessible to students! It was always enjoyable to go out for a meal with some friends, or even go to the library/study hubs to get revision and assignments done. It was really nice that everything was accessible and close by!

Do you live / have you lived on campus? If so, what is accommodation like?

I lived on campus and stayed at Keynes College. I thought the accommodation was great, and it was really nice being close to everything on campus. You get to make friends with your flatmates, and the people that live in the house/block that you reside in! It’s really fun, and some of these people end up becoming the best of friends!

What are your plans for after you graduate from your main programme of study?

I have been  offered a place as a postgraduate research associate at Yale Cancer Biology Institute at Yale University!

Would you offer any advice to students thinking of taking the IFP at Kent?

I would definitely say to take advantage of the opportunity, listen to your lecturers, give it your best and make the most of your IFP because it will prepare you for your degree programme.

If you are interested in the International Foundation Programme (IFP) and would like to find out more, please email us at pathways@kent.ac.uk or visit our website.