Innovative applications for songs in Language Teaching and Learning

Our CELTA Main Course Tutor Rebecca Coleman publishes on the use of song to aid learners' verbal memory

After the publication of her stimulating 2014 article ‘Exploratory Practice: Researching the Impact of Songs on EFL Learners’ Verbal Memory’ published in Journal of Second Language Teaching and Research, our CELTA Main Course Tutor Rebecca Coleman was approached by the¬†International Journal of Modern Language Teaching and Learning¬†(IJMLTL), an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal regarding an additional¬†contribution on a similar topic.

This second published piece of work is titled: ‘Verbal Memory and Popular Song: Possible Applications for Language Teaching and Learning.’ It is available to read and download from: IJMLTL.

As an extension of this, IJMLTL have also asked Rebecca to write a chapter on her innovative approach to Learning and Teaching for a book on methodology: Connotative Lexical Approach. This is for NOVA Science Publishers and is due for submission in April 2019.