Halfway point on our Pre-sessional courses 2018

  "PresessPosterPres" by CEWL.

We caught up with Charlene Earl, International Pathways Manager, about the Pre-sessional Courses 2018:

The 10-week Pre-sessional course is now underway, started on 18 June. We welcomed back six returning tutors who are currently teaching on this course. The 6-week Pre-sessional course starts on 16 July. The application deadline has just passed and numbers are slightly up in comparison to last year.

On 25 May, students hosted a poster exhibition in Keynes Foyer. Members of staff from the Library, Accommodation Office, Marketing and Commercial Services attended as some of the topics of the posters link to these areas. This was a valuable learning experience for the students as most of them have not previously created or presented a poster in this context. Feedback from visitors was extremely positive and they were impressed with the students’ knowledge of the topic they were presenting. A big thank you to 17-week tutors for supporting and preparing the students for this event.

On Mon 23 July, we will be hosting an event called ‘Meet the Academics.’ Academics from receiving Schools have been invited to attend the event and meet their prospective students on the Pre-sessional courses. This is a wonderful opportunity for both Schools and students to meet and discuss any queries they may have about the main programme of study they have applied for. Colleagues from the Careers Employability Service and the Employability Points scheme will also be attending to provide guidance and information.

For more information on our Pre-sessional Courses visit our website or contact pathways@kent.ac.uk.