Creative Kent: YouNome exhibition November – December 2022

YouNome – Drill Hall Library Cafe, Medway campus

This exciting and thought-provoking art-science collaboration between artist Keith Robinson and Biosciences researchers Dr Gary Robinson and Professor Darren Griffin explores genomics in a novel way through a series of Keith’s self-portraits, demonstrating the impact of individual chromosomes.


YouNome – Your personalised genome in 25 portraits 

 YouNome is a unique science-art collaboration designed to engage, educate and inspire the general public about ‘personalised genomics’.

Keith Robinson, a renowned portrait artist, has produced 25 portraits, each representing the 24 human chromosomes (plus mitochondria DNA) by altering his self-image.

Collaborating with Darren Griffin (Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent), Dr Gary Robinson (Kent Innovation and Enterprise) and Robbie Sutton (Professor of Social Psychology, Kent), Keith aimed to facilitate genetic understanding and reference art history, popular culture and effects on the viewer.

Each portrait represents one human chromosome.

Each one depicts an aspect of genetics (e.g. disease, variation, evolution, gene-environment interaction) and reflect certain artistic style (e.g. Van Gogh, Hieronymus Bosch, Cindy Sherman, Fernando Botero, watercolour, hand touched photograph.

During the exhibition we will be inviting audiences to choose one of the chromosomes listed and have a go at representing it within their own image, using a simple face altering app, or other media if they prefer.

The exhibition will be on display from November to December 2022.

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