Call for Proposals: Re:Generation 2031 Process Evaluation

Re:Generation 2031 Process Evaluation

Fee: £13,000 inclusive of expenses and VAT

Dates: April 2022 to December 2022


Creative Estuary is pleased to offer an opportunity for bids to capture the learning from our skills development project, Re:Generation 2031 (also known as Spark 6). The call is primarily aimed at colleagues from the University of Essex or University of Kent, so that we can build capacity in the evaluation field and train a new generation of cultural evaluators.

Our ambition for this piece of work, which we think of as a learning report, is that it creates a shared approach to learning between the diverse stakeholders involved in the project. We would expect the consultants to address the following questions as an exploration of what we set out to do:

  • How did we do it?
  • What was successful?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What difference did the work make, both to individuals and organisations?
  • What can be done to improve and increase the impact of work of this kind in the future?
  • How can this work continue in a sustainable way?

About Creative Estuary

Creative Estuary is a consortium of public sector and cultural organisations, working together to support the Thames Estuary Production Corridor, with a simple ambition: to transform 60 miles of the Thames Estuary across Essex and Kent into one of the most exciting cultural hubs in the world. Re:Generation 2031 is one of 7 Creative Estuary projects, its goal being to develop a collective solution to the challenges of delivering sector-led training and apprenticeships, supporting a new generation of cultural leaders for the Estuary.​


Re:Generation 2031 has two main objectives in its work toward that goal:

  • To tackle the challenges faced by small businesses and freelancers in terms of capacity and financial support.
  • To increase confidence and break down barriers to employment (self-employed and PAYE) for young people (aged 16-25) in our most disengaged and disadvantaged areas.


In response to those objectives Re:Generation 2031 is made up of three key strands of work:

  • Long-term funded work opportunities in private and subsidised creative and cultural organisations
  • Practice-based skills development programmes working on live public projects (events, exhibitions, group and individual community projects)
  • Engaging young people in entrepreneurship and self-employment and developing their own business ideas.


Some pilot placements and programmes are already running, with the majority of the work occurring between January 2022 and January 2023. We are looking for a consultant to work with us to consider the impact of the programmes on both businesses and young people, and make recommendations for sustainable opportunities and programmes that might continue after the end of the funded project.


We expect the evaluator(s) to work closely with the project team and liaise with businesses, arts organisations and young people engaged with the project to develop, gather and evaluate both qualitative quantitative data including evaluating demographic data, conducting interviews, and assessing surveys and questionnaires to inform the evaluation report.


Brief sent out:  28th February 2022

Proposals/Responses received by 28th March 2022

To start (as soon as possible) by 11th April 2022

To complete by 14th December 2022

Submission Information

To apply, please provide the following to  no later than 5pm on the 28th March:

  1. A proposal, outlining your approach to this work, of no more than 1500 words.
  2. A minimum of two examples of relevant previous experience.
  3. An indication of your availability.
  4. A copy of your CV

Please send

Brief Produced By:

Alice Heggie, Skills Development Manager, Re:Generation 2031 |