Free Online Tour: Birth Rites Collection – 9th March 2022

A plain white bowl with beansprouts scattered around it represents fertilization
  "https___cdn.evbuc.com_images_211254119_147050791137_1_original" by Valerie Schmidt.

Birth Rites Collection – Chaired by Dr Jennifer Hall (UCL IfWH), hosted by Helen Knowles, Curator and Director of the Birth Rites Collection.  Wednesday 9th March, 19:30 – 21:00 GMT

About this event

The Birth Rites Collection is a collection of contemporary art that explores the politics and practice of childbirth. Comprising photography, sculpture, painting, artist books, print, drawing, new media and film, it is world’s first, and only, collection of contemporary art dedicated to the subject of childbirth.

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The Birth Rites Collection contributes to debates around conception, pregnancy and pregnancy loss, maternity, birth, postpartum mental health, reproductive technologies, reproductive health inequalities and the future of care, as well as impacting on policy making and the teaching of medicine, midwifery and art.

Tours, including online tours, usually charge a fee, but UCL has funded this opportunity for International Women’s Day on 9th March.

You can find out more about the Birth Rites Collection here: