Graduate profile – Marc Sowik

Philosophy graduate, 2010

Philosophy graduate Marc Sowik

Reflecting on his degree:

Reflecting on my career so far and what I want to achieve in the future I realise it was an invaluable grounding in critical thinking – I think I call upon the fundamentals of philosophy, especially epistemology, every day in my professional life as a researcher.

After graduation:

After graduation I was able to get onto a grad scheme at Ipsos MORI, an international research and polling company. Here I was able to pick up a further qualification in market and social research and learn the practical skills needed for life outside of academia.

On his current career:

I’m now helping set up a small ethnographic research firm with friends and working as a freelancer whilst starting a masters in Sustainable Futures, which will allow me to apply my research background to the important issues of our time. Without starting with my degree from Kent I don’t think I’d be where I am today, despite not having a clue where I’d end up when I graduated!