Stage 3 student Ottavia Profumo wins The Gravett Award for Architectural Drawing

The Gravett Award, named after Kenneth Gravett (1930 – 1999), is the award for the best observational drawing or drawings of existing buildings or structures produced during the year by an undergraduate student of Kent School of Architecture.

The Kent Historic Buildings Committee, a specialist unit of CPRE Kent, perpetuates the memory of Kenneth Gravett by offering an annual award to a Kent-based architecture student whose drawn and written work shows evidence of sound observation in the study of a building or group of buildings and displays high quality of draughtsmanship and presentation.

The prize is designed to encourage the recording of existing buildings by hand-drawing, either in perspective views, orthographic drawings, sketches, or other hand-drawn representations of historic and existing buildings.

This year’s judging panel consisted of:

  • Ptolemy Dean (chair), Architect, Ptolemy Dean Architects, advisor to the BBC 2 Restoration series, and Surveyor of the Fabric at Westminster Abbey
  • Keith Bothwell, Architect and Programme Director BA Architecture, KSA
  • Clive Bowley, Architect and Director, Anthony Swaine Architecture Ltd
  • Stuart Page, Chartered Architect RIBA SCA
  • Fiona Raley, Architect and Associate Lecturer, KSA

This year’s winner of the Gravett Award was Stage 3 student Ottavia Profumo by John Wotton, Chairman CPRE Kent Historic Buildings Committee. The prize-giving, which took place on Wednesday 7th June 2017, included a celebration of all entrants’ submissions and was also attended by Christine Drury, Chair of CPRE Kent.