Data Privacy Day


Our use of technology has grown and grown over the years, so much so that we rely on it to get us through the day. We use our mobile phones all the time, and store a lot of data on them, including names, numbers and personal details of our friends and family, also our bank details, photos and medical records.

As Isabelle Poole writes, these advancements in technology pose a serious threat to ‘individuals and companies, the most serious of which is cyber security’.

What does Cyber Security mean? According to the digital guardian website, it refers to the ‘technology, processes and practices that are designed and put in place to protect networks, devices, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access’.

For Data Privacy Day we are looking at the top ten security risks in 2019. Crypto jacking, threats to internet of things devices geopolitical risks, cross-site scripting, mobile malware, phishing attacks, cyber-physical attacks, electronic medical records and smart medical devices, semi-autonomous vehicles and connected cars, and lastly cloud data storage vulnerability.

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What can we do as a university to be more #privacyaware? Check the GDPR rules and regulations, ensure data is stored safely and securely, do not share your data, and encrypt files where possible.

If you aren’t sure about GDPR, check the rules:

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