All About EIRA Microfinance 2020

EIRA give £3000 seed funding to student or graduate start-ups

Businesses in the UK are more plentiful than ever, with the Business Population Estimates report showing that in 2016, the UK saw an increase of 23% in businesses compared to 2010. Got a business idea? How about receiving up to £3000 to launch your start-up business ideas forward and running?

Current University of Kent students and graduates from the last 3 years can now apply for up to £3000 to take their start-up business ideas forward. Through the EIRA project (click here for more information), this microfinance opportunity supports innovative start-ups in their earliest stages, helping to get ideas developed and tested. Applicants must produce a short video pitch (up to 3 minutes) and submit a written application too, the deadline for applications will be midday on Monday 27th January. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to pitch to a review panel on the 25th of February.

What is EIRA Microfinance?
• EIRA are providing £3000 seed funding to students who have businesses or starting-up businesses. The funding is provided by EIRA to help accelerate student’s business, their aim is to help start-ups to progress.

How do I enter?
• Students will need to fill out the application form attached. Where students will answer key questions about the student’s business.
• Students will need to submit a three minute video pitch, which introduces us to the student’s business. The video should be submitted privately so students must ensure that if they do it on YouTube that students make it as a private video as to prevent public view.

• The scheme is available to current students or graduates within the last 3 years of all EIRA partner institutions.
• The student must have started a business that has a business bank account. EIRA Microfinance Grants can only be paid into a business bank account.
• Applicants will have to demonstrate their right to work in the UK.
• Applications relating to the EIRA themes of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Digital Creative, or where there is potential for the business to grow in the East of England, will be prioritised for funding.

If you’re interested in applying, and for information and support on writing successful applications and creating video pitches, please contact us here.

For more information about the EIRA project please visit

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