How to have a relaxing holiday away from your business

Having a holiday is easier said than done when you run your own business. If you do get away, how can you manage things so you don’t spend every minute worrying about what’s happening back at base? It’s vital to plan ahead, says Rachel Miller

As a freelancer, I have had my fair share of holidays that involved searching for wi-fi hotspots, sitting in cafes trying to discreetly charge my laptop and bribing the kids with ice creams while replying to work emails.

The fact is that when you run your own business, holidays can be stressful; they can become something you dread or even avoid altogether. And if you do get away, it can be hard to switch off. But taking a break from time to time is vital in order to recharge your batteries.

Taking time off is possible – if you plan ahead and draw up a game plan. Here are some ideas to help you have the relaxing holiday you deserve.

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