Burger and Business anyone?

‘Burger and Business’ is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and come up with ideas for business ventures. The student meet-ups take place at Mungo’s Bar in Eliot, Canterbury campus, and are for any student studying any subject.

My name is Hazel Frost, and I am a #DigitalReboot Hub student ambassador. In my role I am hosting entrepreneurial student meet-ups at Mungo’s. I am also part of entrepreneurial community and just love the idea of exploring various business options for my future.

So far I have really enjoyed the informal gatherings as it is a great networking opportunity for anyone with ideas for a business or just a tiny thought of wanting to be their own boss.

I also feel that even though I may not have a business idea on hand, I can still see if my skill set can be applied in a start-up. A lot of business ideas have been discussed and it looks like some of them can be developed straight away. The meet-ups allow for a great way to meet new people and learn more about running your own business. After the first term of meet-ups several friendships have been made and team projects started.

I am glad that students find it useful and happy to leave some positive feedback:

“I came along to one of the Canterbury meet-ups out of intrigue rather than purpose, not really knowing what to expect. But Hazel was such a friendly host and it was great to meet new people and share ideas with fellow entrepreneurial students!” – James

One group, for example, needed a website for a product they were selling.  They talked to a student  at the meet-up who could do this for them. The team also met a student photographer willing to help advertise their product! Take a look at one of the fantastic projects that has been developed since attending a meet-up this term – https://tmscustoms.co.uk

‘’I was able to meet a great designer and began work on a project all thanks to the meet-up’’ – Tomiwa

’Student meet-up was a great experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to network with other students and learn about their business ideas, also the burger meal at Mungo’s was a bonus’’ – Asha

Come along to our next student meet-up, meet a possible co-founder for your business, bounce ideas, listen to stories about success and pitfalls on the way, enjoy a free burger meal on us and maybe come up with a business idea that will make you money and/or help others!


For future dates, please check and register here.


by Hazel Frost

Hub #DigitalReboot Student Ambassador

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