Making Sales

Build loyalty

Offering discounts to those who have purchased from you before will keep your name in customers’ minds and remind them to use your business again. It goes without saying, good customer service will help with building a loyal customer base. Big brands like Tesco make the loyalty card work for them while coffee chains and some restaurants have perfected the “buy eight times, get one free” opportunity. These may be examples of how big businesses retain customers, but it shows the idea works and gets customers returning through doors regularly enough to make up for any short term lost revenue.

Communicate effectively

Staying in contact with your customers is essential at all times, whether through newsletters, social media or events.

Never neglect customers

If you want to hold onto customers, your service to them has to be one of your highest priorities. Make sure everyone representing your business puts forward a positive image and treats customers with the kind of respect which will get them coming back again and again. For all the money invested into PR and advertising, having a face and personality for your brand is the most effective way to create a memorable experience for your customers.

Give free stuff

It’s a great way to entice your customers in and get them back again in the future.

Keep exciting your audience

Creating and regularly using a blog for your business is a great way of spreading exciting news, keeping customers interested and building a personality for your brand. Try to keep what’s written friendly and relaxed to help the public engage with your brand. It wouldn’t be easy to find a successful business without a blog these days. Many companies tie it in with the use of social media to keep their content regularly updated and give their customers something to be interested in.

Hub for Innovation and Enterprise offers free business advice sessions to all students, staff and graduates of the University to help them develop and progress their business ideas. These 1-1 session are completely confidential and free of charge.

Initially you will meet with a member of the Hub Team, who will provide: guidance, basic information, and suggestions; and will then signpost you to the relevant Hub Advisors and Mentors for more advanced business advice.

Business advice sessions can be booked by contacting the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise team on 01227 (82)4641 or emailing [1].

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