5 ways to boost brand awareness

Fatoumatta Kurang, Student Blogger

Starting a new firm in this economy can be difficult especially when increasing your brand awareness. However, it will cool off when using the right tactics in order to make your brand get noticed.

Raising and measuring brand awareness all the time is very significant because a strong brand image helps you to attract the target audience and obtain customer loyalty from repeat buyers. Also, it allows market share penetration through advertising i.e. attaining competitor’s customers and attracting non-users for your product. These makes brand awareness one of the vital brand variables in marketing. Therefore, you should build customer awareness, promote your website and add value.

The following key information will assist you how to win a powerful brand image, thus, read, sink in the information and then take action:


  • Use social media

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress provides businesses a great free of charge method to promote themselves, develop their brand and attract large pool of audience. But what to say? Stay updated to the current issue and reply to comments on your blog or Facebook page. These will support you to engage with your audience. In fact, if you are a Twitter fan, you can use Twitter chats which concentrates on a topic that is decided in advance and also use a specific hashtag to help users follow along. These will allow fellow Twitter users to be involved in discussion.


  • Organise an event

Whatever kind your firm is, holding an event is an effective way to grab attention of clients and potential investors. For example, you can organise a Christmas party or business development that is when launching a new product or promotion. You can even hold skills workshop to share your professional expertise.


  • Ambassadors

Have people to hand out leaflets at the streets that has your company name, logo and the aim of the business. These people can be your employees or (if you want to spend less cash) friends and families. This will help to increase your business’s brand from the public.


  • Infographics

Infographics are a colourful and vibrant procedure to demonstrate appealing marketing data and statistics. These are normally shared geographically, making them an attractive tool for brand building.


  • Freebies

Since giving away free stuff is very appealing to the public, why not give away key rings, pens, wrist bands, and so on, that has your brand name on it at market stalls or local festivals? This will give you the opportunity to have access to a large audience. So, ensure that you have a unique and memorising company logo where people will remember your company by.


  • LinkedIn Publishing

In order to get published and spread your name across the web, luckily, LinkedIn started allowing all users to publish posts right to LinkedIn via the publishing tool. Thus, if your posts obtains enough attention, it can end up in the LinkedIn home stream for countless users. Moreover, having posts attached to your LinkedIn account also shows you as a leader! Just don’t forget to share and promote your posts after publishing.


Sometimes it can be challenging to get yourself out there especially when operating a new business. You cannot expect your brand to be noticed just from sitting down and not lifting a finger. So, try and be proactive by for instance, make social media your best friend in order to engage with the large audience. This is because accumulating brand awareness not only help you to generate more sales, but it also informs the audience why you stand out.



‘My name is Fatoumatta Kurang and I am an international student originally from Gambia (West Africa). I will be on my fourth year at university and currently studying International Business. I take joy of writing business articles as I see myself as a creative individual and I take pleasure of sharing my knowledge and expertise on different subjects. Hopefully, my articles will inspire, guide and motivate potential entrepreneurs and other individuals.’ 


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