Start-Up Spotlight- Metrarc

Metrarc Ltd exploits highly novel and promising technology for deriving secure encryption keys from the properties of digital systems, addressing a major area in the cyber security domain which is currently recognised as a major inhibitor to the further economic expansion of online services.

It has developed a family of solutions for increasing the security of e-commerce and m-commerce transactions providing enhancements to Trusted Computing hardware using a technology termed ICmetrics.

ICMetrics represents a revolutionary new Trusted Computing approach that avoids storage of root-of-trust encryption keys by creating them on demand based on measurable properties and features of the computer itself. ICMetrics is essentially the computer equivalent of biometrics, and has the advantage that no keys are stored. However, unlike traditional biometrics, unique templates are not needed to create the final encryption key therefore the approach is significantly more secure than conventional encryption techniques, including those incorporating biometrics.

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