Honorary Professor Ian Beckett awarded fellowship from the Society for Army Historical Research

We are delighted that Honorary Professor in the School of History, Ian Beckett, has been awarded one of the inaugural fellowships of the Society for Army Historical Research.

The newly-established scheme recognises service to the Society and research into the history of the Land Forces of the Crown. Other recipients of the award include, Field Marshal HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, in grateful recognition of patronage of the Society over many decades.

The fellowship distinguishes Professor Beckett’s work and publications on the history of the British army in the 19th and 20th centuries, British auxiliary military forces, and on the First World War.

Following the announcement of the fellowship Professor Beckett said: ‘I am delighted to receive this recognition by the Society, which has just celebrated its centenary. In particular I am honoured to be associated with the other two fellows recognised for their lifetime work, namely Professor Brian Bond, formerly of King’s College, London, who was my PhD supervisor, and Professor Sir Hew Strachan of St Andrews University.’

His latest book, The British Army: A New Short History will be published by Oxford University Press in July 2023.