Professor Gaynor Johnson chairs podcast for Falklands anniversary

Gaynor Johnson, Professor of International History, has recently featured on the War & Diplomacy Podcast to chair a special roundtable reflecting on the Falklands War for its 40th anniversary.

The wide ranging discussion centred on the conflict, its legacy and its relevance today. The dicussion brings together researchers, curators and a veteran, who together reflected on the war. Panellists included:

  • John Beales (Keele University, Imperial War Museum)
  • Major General Chip Chapman (Platoon commander in 2nd Battalion in the Falklands War)
  • Dr Peter Johnson (Head of Collections, Royal Airforce Museum)
  • Professor Helen Parr (Keele University)
  • Professor Tony Pollard (Glasgow University)

You can listen to the entire discussion on the War & Diplomacy Podcast website: