Support throughout your course

The Student Learning Advisory Service was established to ensure that all University of Kent students have the opportunity to thrive on their degree – and beyond. From one-to-one advice sessions with experienced study advisors to group workshops on specific topics, the team work alongside lecturers to ensure that you are supported throughout your time at Kent.

From first to final year, you can call upon the expertise of the team in one-to-one appointments. Arts and Humanities students are particularly well supported by the University’s Royal Literary Fund Fellows – published authors who you can consult to improve your writing, language and essay structure. You can also book appointments with study advisors, who can help you develop tried and tested study methods to support your work.

The service also runs workshops together with lecturers to make sure that students are supported on their courses. These sessions are tailored to individual modules and focus on specific projects and assessments to clarify what is required and how you can perform at your best. You can also access a wealth of online resources to help you acquire and develop key techniques to help your academic performance.

“I am honing my own skills whilst helping another student on their journey through university life.”

Support in your study can also come from your peers. As a Kent student you can access the Academic Peer Mentoring programme. The programme pairs experienced students with newer students to provide an informal induction to study – and life – at university. Not only does this help you to settle in and meet people from across the University, it also gives you the opportunity to build crucial communication, problem solving and solution finding skills, which are valued highly by employers.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time as a mentor,” says Farradeh Martin, an academic peer mentor. “Be it going through feedback, explaining the grading system, or helping my mentee with their citations, I am honing my own skills whilst helping another student on their journey through university life.”