Mind the gaps: preparing for History at Kent

‘Mind the Gaps’ is a series of three online workshops designed to help smooth the transition to University study at Kent’s School of History in 2021. The series is a gentle, informal introduction to how the study of History at University of Kent leads on from approaches undertaken at schools, and to explore where there are similarities and differences in expectations and practices. They aim to help people prepare for their degree, and feel more confident and comfortable with what it will involve.

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The workshops are a chance to introduce incoming new students to some of the staff and students at the School, to answer questions they have, and to get a sense of their interests and ambitions. They will be a set of conversations rather than a presentation, and will include discussions of films, and a handful of quizzes or digital challenges. These are not formal classes, and there is no expectation of reading, assessment, or classroom-style work for the participants. They have been designed and introduced with a view to helping to manage some of the stress, disruption, and missed preparation that occurred this year on account of COVID-19 and its impact.

Although all elements will be conducted online, we hope and expect that participants will be willing to turn cameras on, so that you have a chance to meet and chat with the rest of your incoming peers as you prepare for an exciting and varied degree with us at Kent.

Friday 20th August 15.30 – 16.30 BST
Workshop 1: Introductions       

This session orientates participants to the School of History. We will talk about the different communities and activities that overlap here – including research, teaching, postgraduate, History Society, and engagement work.

16.30 – 18.30 BST
Synchronous film screening: The Death of Stalin (A. Iannucci)

We will live stream – thanks to the Templeman Library team – this political black comedy from 2017, described by its writer as “a fiction inspired by the truth of what it must have felt like at the time.” Every attendee will be encouraged to chip in with some observations – whether humorous, historical, critical, or artistic – using Zoom chat.

Monday 23rd August 15.30 – 17.00 BST
Workshop 2: Tips and Tricks: Surviving and Thriving

This second session begins with a short consideration and Q&A led by Dr Philip Boobbyer of the historical film that we watched on Friday evening – a film that was banned for being offensive in Russia. It also draws on some tips compiled by the History Society from students and staff in recent months, that we will share with participants.

Tuesday 24th August 15.30 – 17.00 BST
Workshop 3: Curating a New Generation of History at Kent    

The final session begins with a discussion of yesterday’s questions, which we endeavour to answer. In the process, we will also explain WHO would likely answer them (or who you’d address them to) once you’ve started at University, giving some insights into the support that exists in various forms: Module Convenors, Academic Advisors, Study Abroad, Student Support, IT, Employability, Divisional Teams, etc.

We then switch modes and briefly hear from three historians who will talk about objects or images whose stories or histories have inspired them.

Please use this link to register for the events.