David Rundle asks “what did the Italian Renaissance owe to England?”

This is the provocative question at the heart of David Rundle’s present research, which has just been awarded a British Academy / Leverhulme Small Research Grant.

David, who is an intellectual and cultural historian and MEMS’ Lecturer in Latin and Palaeography, explained:

‘I am very grateful to the funding body for the support they have provided which will ensure I can complete my next (but one) monograph. Provisionally entitled England and the Identity of Italian Renaissance Humanism, it builds on my recent publications, including my 2019 monograph, The Renaissance Reform of the Book and Britain. That book suggested that a revision is urgently need of our assumptions about the Renaissance slowly seeping out from an Italian centre to peripheral locations like England. This follow-up takes a wider remit and is bolder in outlining a programme for reshaping our understanding of how intellectual ideas moved across the shared culture of late medieval Christendom’.

The grant will allow David to undertake, post-Covid, research trips within Britain and elsewhere in Europe (Denmark, Germany, Italy), ahead of putting the finishing touches to the text of the monograph.