Graduate profile: Steve Tough

Having chosen Kent for the quality of its research and a love for the campus, Steve Tough studied History and graduated in 2013. He is now a Mortgage & Protection Adviser at Strike.

Alongside everything his History degree taught him, he credits his time at Kent for teaching him independence, time management and how to look after his money.

After meeting students at Kent who had participated in the Camp America programme, Steve applied and spent the following five summers as a counsellor at the camp in Massachusetts, USA, affording valuable opportunities in leadership and organisation.

After graduating, Steve gained experience in real estate and insurance before taking his current position as Mortgage & Protection Adviser at Strike. He particularly enjoys being able to help people make sensible and effective financial decisions and believes that educating people on financial advice is as essential for the business as it is for the clients he helps.

How did your degree/experience at Kent help lead you into your current career? 

At the University of Kent I studied History, but it wasn’t specifically the degree which led me to where I am today. Going to uni helped me to grow as a person, and I met several people early in my second year who had participated in the Camp America programme. I then applied and spent the following five summers in the USA, living and working at a kids’ summer camp. Kent provided me with the social experience that lead to that opportunity.

University teaches people a whole range of skills. It’s not just about the content of the course you’re studying, but also how to be independent, how to manage your money and time, and a whole host of other life skills that you will inevitably carry with you and expand on through the rest of your professional life.

What was it about Kent that appealed to you?

For me, two major factors determined which universities I would be considering. Firstly, the quality of the course. Secondly, I wanted to be on a campus university rather than somewhere spread out in a city. The School of History was renowned across the country and I was really impressed with the introductory lecture on the open day. My decision was pretty much made for me after visiting the campus.

What is your favourite thing about your current role?

I am afforded the opportunity to pass on knowledge and advice to people. I place huge importance on financial advice and people making educated and accurate financial decisions; the work we do as a team is not just crucial to the business but also to the clients that we speak to, many of whom will be making their first property purchase.

Whether it is someone’s first or firth purchase, it is extremely rewarding to assist them through that process and help them to secure their future home.