Gothic Art and Architecture site visit to Paris, 12–14 December 2016

Dr Emily Guerry took twenty students to Paris back in December, where they visited five museums and six churches as part of their studies into gothic art and architecture.

The students, who were from Dr Guerry’s third year special subject module, ‘Saints, Relics, and Churches 500-1500’, and MA module ‘Gothic Art and Architecture, 1130–1330’, go the opportunity to visit Saint-Denis, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Sainte-Chapelle, and Chartres Cathedral. The students also found time to visit the Musée du Louvre medieval collections, Eiffel Tower, the museum of architecture, Cité d’architecture et du Patriomine, and the Musée du Cluny.

Student testimonials 

“The three-day ‘saints and relics’ history trip to Paris, it was by far the most enjoyable and informative field trip I have ever been on. It goes without saying that I would not have had the pleasure, not only of seeing all the details of these historical sites in person but also having their nuances explained to me, were it not for our trip to Paris. I am therefore immensely grateful to the University of Kent for giving me such an opportunity and would relish any chance to go again.”
Arrun Thuraisingham

“This trip provided more than a small break in a lovely city, it was the best educational experience I could have ever hoped to have. It is easy to see pictures of the beautiful buildings and discuss the architecture however, it is another thing to see them in person. It was breathtaking. This trip opened my eyes not just to what everything was but gave me a deeper understanding to why medieval communities responded in the way they did. This is something that I probably would not have grasped sitting in the classroom so thank you.”
Amy Bills (Third year History student)

“The benefits of attending this trip were endless in extending my knowledge on the
cult of saints. I would like to personally thank the School of History and Kent
Internationalisation for providing us with this unique opportunity. A memory that will stay with me as a highlight of my time at Kent, and further demonstrates effective learning resources that the university has to offer for both undergraduates and postgraduates.”
Lucy Splarn (Third year History student)

Kent students at the west facade of Chartres Cathedral
Kent students in Abbot Suger’s chevet at Saint-Denis
Kent students examine the portal iconography in the Cité d’architecture et du Patrimoine
Kent students on a much-needed lunch break along the walls of the Musée du Cluny
Kent historians pose like the Gothic sculpture at Chartres