Dr. Nasim to appear on BBC Radio 3

Dr. Omar Nasim
Dr. Omar Nasim

Dr. Omar Nasim will have an essay of his read out on BBC Radio 3 as part of an upcoming series, ‘The Essay: The Five Photographs That (You Didn’t Know) Changed Everything‘. Dr. Nasim’s essay focusing on the photograph ‘The Nebula in Orion’ by Henry Draper will be aired on Tuesday 17th February at 10.45pm.

Dr. Nasim will examine how a photo of space changed our view of the universe and our place within it, telling the story of how Draper’s 1880 photograph, the very first pictures of nebula, defied the imagination and raised questions not just about the size of the universe but about the very origins of humanity.

More information about the programme can be found here.

Henry Draper's photograph which is the focus of Dr. Nasim's essay
Henry Draper’s photograph which is the focus of Dr. Nasim’s essay