The Kent Union Toolkit will help you build your CV, providing you with a place to record all of your experiences and skills earned through extracurricular activities. It will also where you can find volunteering opportunities with local organisations and employers.

Just about every extracurricular activity you undertake will have some benefit to your employability skills, whether it be helping to run a student society or sports club, taking part in student media (CSRfm, KTV, writing for InQuire), acting as a student representative or student ambassador, taking part in RAG (raise and give) fundraising, attending training sessions, taking part in projects, and, of course, part-time employment alongside your degree.

It is often difficult to recall all these activities when it comes to writing a CV or applying for a job, and so the Toolkit encourages you to keep a record of these activities and experiences, and to reflect on how they demonstrate that you have the skills employers are looking for. You can then extract these as a Skills Record, which can be uploaded to MyFolio (see below), and will help you write a CV or complete a job application. E: