Study Plus course – Talking Cultures

You may be aware that the University runs a huge range of Study Plus courses, which are designed to give you the opportunity to explore subjects and gain skills you otherwise might not cover in your degree. Study Plus courses are all entirely free, and you can sign up to them via SDS (log into SDS and click Workshops in the left-hand menu).

A new Study Plus course has been launched exploring intercultural communication, and aims to increase awareness of cultural differences. The course will explore cultural heritage, prejudices and stereotypes, and will greatly enhance your cultural awareness, a key attribute in the globalised graduate world.

You can find out more information about this course on the Study Plus website, and you can sign up by logged into SDS and enrolling on KE024 – Talking Cultures: Exploring Intercultural Competence. The course runs every Wednesday afternoon for five weeks, starting next Wednesday (31st January).

Study Plus – Employability Skills in the Summer Term

Study Plus courses are offered by the University, free of charge, to give you the opportunity to explore different areas and skills alongside your degree. They are not credit-bearing, but let you explore new areas, develop new skills and enhance those you already have, and to get more from your time here at Kent. There are several Study Plus courses running during the Summer term that may be of interest to anyone looking to develop their employability skills.

Employability Skills

Start date: Wednesday 17 May (Week 26)
End date: Wednesday 14 June (Week 30)
Time: 17:00-19:00
Number of hours: 10 hours (5 x 2 hour sessions)
Employability Points: 50 points maximum (based on 100% attendance)

This practical course is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Build a great CV
  • Develop and manage your ‘own brand’ via social media
  • Explore job hunting methods
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Develop key technical and social skills

All sessions will be workshop-based and will take place in a computer suite, providing participants with practical opportunities each week.

If you are interested in this Study Plus course, sign up here.

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