Jack completed his degree in 2014, and went on to be elected for two terms as Kent Union’s Vice-President for Education. During Jack’s time in Kent Union he conducted and authored the Big Kent Review, a comprehensive review and policy document setting out the direction Kent students would like the University to take.

Jack is now on the NHS management graduate scheme.

What attracted you to study at Kent?

The main thing that attracted me was the campus and the huge number of different opportunities that existed not only on campus but also in the city. Also there were modules running on the areas of history that I was interested in so both we really big positives for me.

How did you find your course?

Really enjoyable. I spent a lot of time studying cultural history of the Great War in the centenary year of the war was very special for me. The academic staff were great!

Did you take part in any extra-curricular activities – student societies and/or sports clubs, part-time jobs, volunteering etc?

I was heavily involved in all aspects of student life, I was a chair of a society, played ultimate Frisbee, was a faculty rep for Humanities and successfully ran to be a Vice-President of the Students’ Union.

If so, how did you balance these with your studies?

It was hard. I think being organised was the main thing. I made sure that I always had my laptop with me so if I had a couple of hours to spare I would crack on with some reading or writing my essay. Being focused was also important, spending the most amount of time on the work that would get me the most marks was key. Spending significant portions of time on an essay that was only worth 5% of a module just wasn’t worth it!

Did you sign up for the Employability Points scheme, or the Kent Union Student Certificate of Volunteering scheme? If so, did you find them useful?

I used both and yes very useful when I came to writing my CV. As it enabled me to translate what I had been doing into skills.

How do you think your studies and extra-curricular activities have helped your career prospects?

I wouldn’t have my current career without them! It enabled me to develop key leadership skills to enable me to get onto a management graduate scheme. Opened up the chance to run to be Vice-President of the Students’ Union also, which has improved my skills tremendously.

What are you doing now?

I am a Graduate Trainee Manager in the NHS.

What are your future career plans?

Hopefully to become a full time manager in the NHS once I finish on the scheme.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about taking a degree at Kent?

Take every opportunity. Most people only go to University once and there is tons of stuff on offer, take everything that is offered to you.