Sent on Behalf of Professor April McMahon, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education, University of Kent and Ruth Wilkinson, Kent Union President

What do you want from your experience at Kent? What do you think is available to you? What are you taking advantage of? What is most important to you in that experience?

If you are a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate student, please come to a focus group discussion to tell us! Discussions for students from the Humanities Faculty will be held at:

Tuesday, 28th November, 14:00, Eliot Extension Seminar Room 1 

Refreshments will be served.

Find out more and sign up at:

Make sure to sign up with your name and email address so that we can remind you closer to the date. Other participants will not be able to see your details.

The project is carried out by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education and the Kent Union, with support from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education. The goal is to develop a framework for powerful student experiences that will help all students to make the most of their time at Kent and staff to support them with this. Your input is vital to this project!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Alina Salmen

Research Assistant, Centre for the Study of Higher Education

Developing a Framework for Powerful Student Experiences

MSc Student in Political Psychology