Online tools to download, use and or follow as a new student

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Here are some apps, services and social media channels to download, use and or follow that you might find helpful during your time at Kent. From getting around to helping you study smarter, here’s a few of our suggestions!

Join the conversation

If you haven’t already make sure you’re a member of the Official University of Kent Freshers 2019 Facebook page. This is the only official group where you can interact and discuss with fellow students also starting at Kent this year. A great place to find your housemates and fellow coursemates!

Follow Kirah (UKC Student) and Arun (UKM Student) on their social media channels. Kirah and Arun will be keeping you up to date throughout the academic year on news relevant to students on Canterbury and Medway campus.

For Canterbury campus follow Kirah on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

For Medway campus follow Arun on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You can also follow the University of Kent on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news, events and important announcements to the local community and beyond.

Apps to download

Safezone – This is the campus safety app which gives round-the-clock safety reassurance to all students and staff. It’s free to download and easy to use. You can access first-aid, security or safety assistance via your phone. Find out more about Safezone.

Inform Kent (InK) – Everyone should feel secure at Kent—we’re here to support you. InK is an online reporting tool that helps record details of incidents such as sexual assault, harassment, relationship abuse or hate crime. Find out more about the services available with Student Support.

Bus apps – These apps have a journey planner, live bus information (in real time) and you can even purchase mobile bus tickets at discounted prices. For Canterbury students, download Stagecoach. For Medway students, download Arriva. Find out more about travel and discount offers available to students.

Train apps – Southeastern. The ‘on Track’ app helps you access (also) real-time information on trains in Kent. Especially helpful if you’re looking to travel to London from Canterbury West and want to find out when the next train is! There is also National Rail Enquiries which provides information on trains for the whole of the UK if you are travelling outside of Kent.

Taxis apps – Only a few of the companies have an app some of which includes: Longley’s Private Hire (Canterbury), Computer Cabs (Medway), and Vokes Taxi (Medway). You can find more information about booking a taxi in the UK and the full list of the services the University of Kent uses.

Weather apps – Accweather is one of the many weather report services you can use. With the UK being known for its unpredictable weather, you wouldn’t want to get caught out without an umbrella in the rain!

Circuit – This is the campus laundry service app. All launderettes on campus are card or app operated so if you need to do a wash, make sure you familiarise yourself with the app ahead of time. Find out more about laundry services on campus.

Headspace – an app for meditation and mindfulness, with themed sessions from stress, sleep to helping you focus and relieving anxiety.

Other things to look at

Have a go with Kent’s very own One Hour Degree game. If you’re feeling a little nervous about starting the next chapter of your life at university this game will give you a taste of what life at the University of Kent will be like. DYK it’s already been played over a thousand times in 50+ countries!

Check out this website of Productivity tools. Who doesn’t want to work and study smarter? Make sure to check out the full list of apps and software that the University of Kent has reviewed for staff and students to help you make the most out of your time at Kent. From helping you stay focused to supporting accessibility needs, we’d highly recommend you have a browse.

You can order a customised sandwich or baguette with Bag It online ordering website with click and collect at a time you choose. Perfect if you’re in a rush to your next lecture!

TooGoodToGo helps fight food waste by saving delicious food from going in the bin at the end of the day. It even saves you money, what’s there not to love about this app? The Gulbenkian on Canterbury campus has just signed up to the scheme and many more restaurants in the city centre has as well.

For student discounts check out Unidays. From discounts on food and drink to clothes to technology it’s a must to check out!

Our last piece of advice is to be careful when sharing your personal information online and #StaySafe! Be aware of any unofficial organisations that pretend to be representing the University of Kent

These are just a few suggestions and do not cover the full list of all the apps, services and social media channels you should use during your time here at the University of Kent. We hope however that this will help get you started in making the most out of your time here at Kent! Happy browsing!