I’m an international student. How should I prepare?

Moving to the UK to study can be a daunting prospect. It’s understandable to feel nervous about having to settle into a new culture on top of having to start your new course. But here at the University of Kent, we can assure you that studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. With students and academics from all over the world, we have lots of tips to help you feel confident about your move.


It’s very worthwhile preparing everything you will need to open a UK bank account. You’ll need your passport, proof of address, proof of income and your student card.


Take some time to look at the University’s social media sites to find out about the student life and what events happen throughout the year. It would also be worth looking through the University’s clubs and societies to get an idea of what they offer. Here at Kent, we have a wide choice of sporting, entertainment and cultural societies, and students from across the world have formed their own societies, celebrating their different cultures in an all-embracing fashion.


During your first few weeks in January, we host a series of events designed to help you settle in, including a Welcome Brunch and a trip to Dover Castle. More information on our activities, as well as further details about how you can best prepare for your arrival, can be found on our Getting Started webpage


There’s so much support for international students coming to study in the UK and with more than 150 nationalities at Kent so diversity is something which is really celebrated. A university experience in the UK will be completely unique and the skills and experiences you gain will equip you for every aspect of your life and career.


If you want to find out more about preparing for your studies at Kent, please contact our International Officers at international@kent.ac.uk