Commuting to campus?

Find your base

If you’re not living on campus, you’ll want to find some areas where you can study, relax, heat up food or fill up your water bottle.

Where to find:

…a water fountain: Check out the Refill webpage for locations of water fountains, or you can ask any of the catering outlets on campus to fill up your water bottle for free. You can find water fountains on every floor in the library and in most buildings around campus.  Our new main Co-op store also has a filtered water tap next to the Costa machine.

…a locker: We offer daily and termly locker rentals at a low price. If you would like to rent a locker, simply fill out our locker rental form and return it to the library.

…a free computer: We have over 1000 computers on campus. You can always check PC availability so you don’t waste time searching for a computer. If you prefer working on a laptop or finding it hard to secure a computer, you can also borrow a laptop from the library.

…where to grab food: We have over 13 food outlets across our Medway and Canterbury campus’ with different cuisines and dietary options. See our catering page to explore your options.

…where to eat your food: If you’ve brought in food from home and looking for a comfortable place to eat, you do not need to worry we have plenty of indoors and outdoors spaces.

On our Canterbury campus you can find benches in-front of the new main Co-op store, outside Woody’s, K-bar and the library. If you enjoy nature, why not enjoy your food on our scenic greenery with a view of Canterbury, in-front of the library.  If you would rather sit indoors, you can try Rutherford hall or any of our cafés around campus.

On our Medway campus we’ve got various cafés where you can enjoy your food and socialise. Try ‘The Deep End’ located in the Student Hub, or the ‘Galvanising Shop Café’ at the Dockyard.

How to meet people

Living in accommodation isn’t the only way to meet people. Here are some other ways to make friends:

You’ll meet plenty of people on your course.

Check out the Welcome Week events which are a great opportunity to meet new people.

Join a society through Kent Union (Canterbury) or GK Unions (Medway) – there are over 200 to choose from. Societies are a great way to find people with similar interests to you- from debating to dancing. Alternatively, why not start your own society?

You can also meet people at the gym or through exercise classes.

If you love learning, we offer studyplus courses which is a great way to meet people outside of your degree course.

Volunteering is not only an opportunity to build experience and skills for your CV, but also an opportunity to make new friends.

Have a look at our events calendar which is updated with events running all year round. This is a great way to continue connecting with new people

Most importantly…be yourself! This is the best way to attract the right kind of people.

Stay connected

When you are commuting it is easy to get lost and distance yourself from the university lifestyle.

It is important for you to keep in touch with your lecturers, student advisors, and student support officers to update them with anything you might be finding difficult to cope with whilst commuting. There can be further support implemented to help you keep on track so keep in touch.