Tips for starting at Medway campus

Philip Nguyen, Final Year Business & Management student shares his list of top tips on how to get started at Medway Campus.

‘Your first week in an unfamiliar setting can be confusing and somewhat daunting, whether you’re miles away from home or decide to commute to Medway. I’ve decided to compile a list of “top tips” for you to get started on your journey at the University of Kent. Having been a student at the institution for the past four years, I am excited to share with you what Medway has to offer!’

Making new friends can be as easy as a hello.

‘I still remember my first day at university so clearly as if it was only yesterday that I started at the University of Kent. I was very anxious in my first week, having spent hours before reading guides on how to ‘fit-in’ before arriving in Medway. Truth is, it’s not that hard as you think it is. There are many opportunities for you to meet like-minded individuals, whether it’s at a society, in-class, a campus event or a club. So just take a seat and have a friendly natter with someone. Remember everyone in the first few weeks will be in the exact same position as you, just shake it off and ask them a question to break the ice.’

Not early but definitely not late.

‘I have found myself in situations where I would be so sure that I had set an alarm, yet it didn’t go off, or perhaps I got a little trigger happy with the snooze button. Not to worry, the university has The Kings Ferry shuttle bus that takes you in and around the campus which is absolutely FREE! If you ever find that you’re going to be late, hop on to one of these classy and hi-tech saviours of the day. Just make sure you’ve got the times saved somewhere to save yourself some time.’

Make use of the facilities and resources at Liberty Quays

‘Staying at Liberty Quays? Then you can use of both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 common rooms. The Phase 1 common room is for entertainment, if you need to de-stress and fancy playing some pool, table tennis or console games then you can. Phase 2 on the other hand, is a much more relaxed, quiet and calm environment if you wish to revise without having to walk to the library or be distracted by the comfort of your own room. You can also print for free using the printers in either of the two buildings.’

Confused? Ask your lecturers.

‘If you are ever confused with something that was discussed in lectures or seminar, email or book a time to see your lecturer to discuss your situation. Don’t leave it until last minute. The lecturers are there to support you with your learning at Kent. I have always found it easy to go and have a chat with them, whether it is about the content, career choices or just life in general.  They’re super supportive, friendly and don’t bite, I promise!’

How could you possibly be bored?

‘Lucky for you, the Medway campus has tons of restaurants, gyms, shops, bars and entertainment within close proximity of the campus and Liberty Quays for you to choose from. From Taco-bell, Starbucks, ODEON, and a trampoline park at the Dockside to student bars such as the Deep End. Your choices are practically endless! If that’s not enough for you, the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Canterbury High Street and Central London is only a bus/train journey away and takes less than an hour to get to. It’s also pretty easy to get down to the Canterbury campus if you ever feel like visiting our sister campus.’

An empty wallet doesn’t have to mean an empty stomach.

‘I myself have been low on cash at times and have found it ideal to cook with my flatmates or make large batches of food which you can store, freeze and heat up later on to save yourself a bit of money.’

Enjoyment isn’t exclusive.

‘I couldn’t have been happier with my time at Kent. It has undoubtedly been the best four years of my life and I wish I could do it all over again. But now it’s your turn! Make the most of your time at uni and enjoy your time there! All the best with your studies!’