Kent Sport: Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

Even the most elite and successful athletes had to start as a beginner. Some were born with natural ability, but the majority had to train – hard – to get where they are today.

Though your goal may not be to become the next Serena Williams or Mo Farah, sometimes just taking that first step into a gym can be intimidating. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with Kent Sport. Not only are our Fitness Instructors itching to help you, but they are fully-qualified and want all members to succeed in their fitness journeys.

Make it a habit
Experts say it takes 21-days to build a habit, so give yourself three weeks of physical activity to help you settle in. Once you’ve formed a long-lasting habit, you’ll notice something’s missing from your normal routine – the perfect motivator to keep you moving.

Mix it up
It’s easy to stick to what you know. As time goes on, your body gets used to the movements and no longer reaps the benefits from your workout. A routine is important, but not as important as taking steps to work harder and smarter. Do you always use the cable machines when you come in? Try free-weights and add that extra bit to your strength training. Perhaps you go for long runs on the treadmill? Mix it up with interval training by adding short sprints.

Have fun
This is by far the most important tip. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, it won’t be sustainable. Grab some friends or make new ones – having someone who holds you accountable not only helps your progress but makes working out more fun.

Our dedicated fitness team is on-hand for advice to help you get your best workout. We also provide consultations to give you the knowledge you need to succeed. We offer:

  • Fitness consultations
  • Fitness assessments
  • Exercise programs
  • Personal training
  • Nutritional consultations

To book a health or fitness appointment, please email or call 01227 823 623.

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