Sports at Kent

Kent has over 58 sports clubs... take our quiz to discover which ones are for you!

Taking part in sport whilst you are studying is incredibly beneficial! Physical activity not only improves your physical health, but aids your mental well-being, and helps you make friends.

Kent Union has over 58 different sports clubs, ranging from the traditional to the quirky. If you want to carry on your school sports, football, rugby, hockey, cricket, netball, etc you’ll find plenty of like-minded people in those clubs. But if those were never your thing maybe you’d rather take up korfball, archery, or quidditch.

Try our sports quiz now!

Perhaps you fancy trying something new? From airsoft and akido to ultimate frisbee and volleyball, Kent Union has you covered. Just visit Kent Union’s website and to take our quick quiz: We’ll tell you which sports you should try!

Alternatively check out all of our sports societies by following this link.