Week Seven

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This week I edited the tables in the literature review into themes; I found four themes for both the barriers and facilitators of implementing evidence based practice. I also created a diagram which demonstrates the relationship between practice and evidence; showing that neither is more important than the other. Instead, I have tried to emphasise throughout the literature review that it is important for academics and clinicians to work closely together to ensure that the research conducted is applicable to practice.

We had our focus group at Folkestone this week, although this was our smallest focus group to date a lot of useful information came out of the group. I will warn anybody who goes to Westcliffe House at Folkestone; there is not a lot of parking! In the evening I popped to WHSmith’s and was very surprised to find that they sell the Nursing Standard which is a nursing journal. In this was a new article that I had to add to the literature review; as I said before, there’s so much research out there, and new research coming through all the time!

After transcribing the focus group, I decided to add a new paragraph to the review surrounding Clinical Nurse Specialists and how they support/facilitate evidence-based practice. I finalised the citations and references. I also wrote key summary sentences and author information required by the journals. Finally I re-wrote the abstract; this is the part of the paper that I am least confident writing, but Jo thinks I’ve got it this time!

This week was also time to say goodbye to a member of the team Emily, who undertook a Kent Health placement last year after doing a psychology degree too. Emily is off to do a degree in medicine now, so we all wish her the best of luck!

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