Week Seven

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Much like the past couple of weeks, this week mainly consisted of me continuing with the ever lengthening lab report as well as still trying to get my head around the numerous statistical tests which had to be carried out on the data.

During the week, I undertook my last HPLC run, with the dwindling sample set, by now I was confidently carrying out the analysis in record time, leaving me with ample opportunity to work on my lab report and start seriously thinking about my upcoming presentation.

On one day, one of the staff members quizzed me on some of the tests carried out in one of the labs, and helped fill any gaps in my knowledge regarding the various specialised tests for things such as sepsis, subarachnoid haemorrhaging and one of the most common tests in the lab involving blood glucose, in order to help diagnose and monitor diabetes.

Another portion of my week was spend continuing with planning (and worrying about) the upcoming presentation I would have to give in my final week in the department. Hours were spent painstakingly planning exactly what to say and when (although I’ll probably forget everything on the day). With the reassurance from several staff members assuring me it isn’t as scary as it seems, I started to put more trust into the fact that hopefully I will be able to talk about the project I’ve just spent the last 7 weeks working on, without messing up too much.

With much of my second to last week spent writing up various aspects of the project and bugging staff with even more questions about everything, I felt like I’ve managed to somehow learn (and remember) most of what I’ve been taught and am looking forward to completing my portion of the project next week.

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