Week Five

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With only a few weeks left of my part of the project, this week mainly constituted of continuing with the mammoth lab report I’d started. This involved bringing together everything we’d done so far and starting to (try) and draw some conclusions from the data.

I spend the majority of my time glued to a computer, bringing together the endless stream of results and creating some colourful looking graphs along with pages and pages of tables and information regarding the study. In order to test my knowledge and demonstrate what I’d learnt from my time here, I ‘agreed’ to do a small presentation in my last week to show some of the staff members what the project has brought to light so far.

Part way through the week I undertook another of the batch runs, completing the preparation in record time due to all the practice I’d had from the previous runs, and when quizzed on the SOP by a member of staff, I pretty much knew the entire procedure off by heart! Once this run was done I worked out that there were only two more runs left to do during my placement, which made me realise how fast the time had gone, and even though I’m looking forward to having a break from pipetting, I think I’m going to miss working in the lab.

My fifth week passed in a blur, and in between carrying out the experiments, writing the lab report (along with attempting a whole lot of statistics), and starting my presentation, I feel like the project and the placement as a whole has provided invaluable experience and knowledge which couldn’t have been gained any other way. The staff have been extremely helpful (and patient) with helping me get to grips with everything, and have also been great fun to work with!

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