Week Three

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I’ve now come to the end of my third week. It’s been quite similar this week to the previous week; I think I’ve got myself into a good pattern now. I continued with the literature review and I also started identifying different journals that it could possibly be published in! One of the interesting points I’ve found when reviewing the literature is that we expect nurses to implement evidence-based practice, however this does not necessarily mean that there is practice-based evidence. One of the struggles with implementing evidence into practice is that normally academia and clinical practices are kept separate; this means the research being produced may not actually be what is required in practice. I would really like to study this in the future, if there is a sufficient amount of research conducted which has direct implications for everyday clinical practice, or are research and practice too divided?

Prior to the focus group on Wednesday, Jo and I discussed how the research is going and where we would like it to go from here; hopefully there will be further research undertaken surrounding our topic. I also started to get concerned that I was getting through all of my work quite quickly, so I spoke to Jo about this; I’ve got quite a list to keep me going now!

The focus group went well this week with all of the nurses deciding to stay after their mentor update. I found this week’s group a lot easier to transcribe as well; we asked at the beginning if they could avoid talking over each other as much as possible and it seemed to work!

After the focus group I attended the first quality forum run by the Clinical Audit and Research Department. There were lots of different speakers, including one of my supervisors Lee Tomlinson who discussed ways of growing research in the Kent Community NHS Foundation Trust. Another topic discussed was co-morbidities of ADHD – I was very surprised to find out that nearly 70% of children with ADHD displayed more than two co-morbid disorders. We also heard about STI’s (apparently Tonbridge and Malling have the highest rate of late HIV diagnoses in Kent and Medway, whilst Ashford has the least) and clinical supervision. The quality forum was very interesting, I would definitely recommend NHS staff attend if they can; it will be taking place every two months across Kent.

On Friday I started to write up the study that Jo and I are conducting. We’ve realised that the deadline for applications to the RCN conference is only a week after our last focus group, so I’m writing the introduction and methods now, which will mean we should have enough time to get the rest written in order to submit on time!

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