October 2014 Stakeholder Briefing

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I hope you have had a good summer.

Despite the holidays, there have been many developments in health education over the last couple of months and I hope this briefing will ensure you are up to date on any things you might have missed.

Health Education England’s ‘Beyond Transition’ programme has continued, with decisions on the geographical footprint of the new structure and a number of senior appointments.

There is more information on Beyond Transition below, but I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am to be appointed director for Kent, Surrey and Sussex. I will now be working with colleagues here at HEKSS to support them through the next phase of the programme.  I am also looking forward to continuing to work with our partners across the region, as we ensure that the important work of HEKSS is further developed, sustained and embedded, transforming our workforce to deliver the very best health and care.

At the same time, the HEKSS team have been busy making progress on a number of important work programmes, including supporting innovation across the region, improving education and training for emergency care and introducing a common educational pathway for all practice nurses in the region. See below for more details.

Finally, we have two new chief executive members on our Governing Body. Michael Wilson, CEO of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has taken over from Andrew Liles and Susan Acott, CEO of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has taken over from Mark Devlin.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

Philippa Spicer

HEKSS launches innovation challenge fund

The HEKSS Innovation Challenge Fund has been launched to support innovative approaches to workforce development. The fund aims to speed up the introduction of new approaches to training and education that will enable health and care professionals to deliver better, more efficient care for patients.

All NHS staff in Kent, Surrey and Sussex are invited to submit applications for funding for projects that will support the strategic priorities of HEKSS and Health Education England, stimulate the uptake of innovative products, technologies and interventions, and encourage collaborations across and outside the NHS.

For more information, and to download the application form and guidance documents, please visit the HEKSS Innovation Challenge Fund web page.

The deadline for applications is 17 October 2014.


New strategy to develop the urgent and emergency care workforce in Kent, Surrey and Sussex

HEKSS is launching a new strategy to ensure that health and care professionals across the region are able to deliver the very best urgent and emergency care.

The HEKSS emergency care programme aims to educate, train and support a workforce that ensures people with urgent or emergency care needs can access the most appropriate service at the right time in the right place. It is part of the HEKSS five-year skills development strategy.

The new approach and priorities for training and education for urgent and emergency care were developed by members of the Emergency Care Programme Board, comprising of senior clinicians and service leaders from across the region.

The strategy has been developed so that it is fully aligned with national developments and policy initiatives for urgent and emergency care. It has a particular focus on multi-disciplinary and collaborative working to support a whole-systems approach and builds on a number of important achievements for the HEKSS SDS emergency care programme during its first year.

For more information please visit the HEKSS website.


Introduction to practice nursing course launched

This unique, funded, one-year training course equips those new to practice nursing with the core knowledge and skills needed in today’s busy general practice environment.

The standardised curriculum is available at four universities across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Work-based learning is central to the initiative, supported by mentors and primary care tutors. Theoretical learning includes core competencies complemented by personalised study days to meet the specific requirements of the learner’s role within their practice.

The course was commissioned by HEKSS to ensure the development of a well-trained practice nurse workforce with the skills and knowledge to meet the changing needs in primary care. It was developed by the four universities in consultation with subject experts in general practice, in education and clinical commissioning groups.

The course is for NMC registered nurses with less than six months experience in general practice. It is aimed at those just entering practice nursing as a first career or as a change in career direction. HEKSS and the four universities are currently developing structured continuing development specifically for experienced and advanced practice nurses.

For more information, please visit www.kss.hee.nhs.uk/pntraining.


‘Beyond Transition’ update

Following consultation, the HEE board has concluded several significant issues around the structure and geographical footprint of the LETBs and made appointments to a number of senior posts.

A significant outcome for Kent, Surrey and Sussex is the decision that the KSS LETB will sit alongside those in London rather than those across the rest of the south of England. Following consideration, and consultation with partners, the KSS Governing Body recommended that KSS sit alongside London because of the far greater student flows, established clinical relationships and the proximity KSS has to London compared in contrast to the wider southern area.

Alongside KSS, the London and South East region will include the South London; North Central and East London; and North West London LETBs. Julie Screaton has been appointed National Director for London and South East, with Philippa Spicer appointed Director for Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

KSS will retain its autonomy as a LETB in terms of budgetary control and current levels of delegated authority, and will now benefit from sharing more corporate functions. HEKSS retains its Chairman, Mark Devlin, and its Governing Body.

HEE is continuing to make senior level appointments and putting in place the necessary arrangements to deliver the new model.

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