Week 7 and I’m almost finished

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So my initial 8 weeks are almost up! The projects are still going strong and we’re pushing to do as many files as we can a day. Last week I was averaging about 12 files a day and we’ve now completed over 300 entries so the numbers are going up very quickly! We’ve now collected almost all of the files from health records downstairs so this week we will have to brave the outside and go on a bit of an adventure to the other areas where records are held at the hospital.

Last week we had multiple people coming up to the office looking for files that were tracked to us. Tracking files means that their location is always known but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get mislaid sometimes (though thankfully we haven’t had that happen to us!) People come looking for files when the patient has been newly admitted or if the have an appointment, and luckily we seem to be tracking our files well as we’ve always been able to find them!

With the OSA project we have completed all of the TIA data and now we will be able to get onto the interesting bit of analysing the data, and hopefully we’ll get some useful statistics and be able draw some good conclusions.

These past 7 weeks have gone past so quickly and I can’t believe I’m on my final week (even though I’ll be coming back!).

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