Week 6 and I’ve got so much to do!

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So it’s the Tuesday of my sixth week of my placement, and we’ve come back to work after the long bank holiday weekend, and let me say, I definitely appreciated it! Last week was a busy one, full of picking up, returning and ordering files. I’m supprised at how quickly I’ve managed to get the hang of the filing system in patient records. Initially it was taking me about 5 minutes to find one file and now it’s much faster!

We ordered a large box of files last week from off site casenote storage, and we thought that it would take us a few days to get through them, but it took us less than a day, so I guess we’re really speeding up! My supervisor had been on holiday for the past few weeks, so when he came back last week, we had a good catch up and it was nice to get conformation from him that we were doing everything correctly. We had a discussion with him about some of the things that we were finding difficult (like the mRS values that I’ve previously mentioned) and he gave us some help and tips to try and sort them out.  On Friday I decided to calculate how many entries we had yet to fill in on the database, and how long it would take us to do them. Annoyingly I discovered that we would have to complete 30 files a day to complete it, which is just a huge number, so it’s lucky that I also found out that I can carry my placement on from the initial 8 weeks in order to complete my project. In the past week we have more than doubled the number of entries that we have put into the database, so we’ve now completed over 200! 

On the OSA-TIA front, we’ve almost completed going through the TIA letters and are going to start looking at out of those who have had TIAs, which ones also have OSA.

The placement has gone really well so far, and I can’t believe that I only have less than two weeks left!

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