Supervision – Week 5

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During my fifth week spent working for the HTS I got to sit in on a supervision meeting with the assistant psychologists who meet up monthly to talk about their past week and generally discuss what is going on in their lives and the workplace. It was interesting to listen and learn more about HTS team dynamics and to get to know the psychologists on a personal level. I also read a chapter of a book by Tim Kitwood who is renowned for being a pioneer for person-centred care. The book told focused on social reasons as to why dementia is a characteristic of the 20th century such as the fact that science largely effects our political, economic and social lives with negative or positive effects, for instance, the treatment and diagnoses of mental illnesses can be seen as science trying to make society conform and think in the same way and stop individualism, even though some mental illnesses are not dangerous to others or harmful to the person. This is week I also completed 400 inputs and should finish entering data this week.

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