Defining Dementia – Week 3

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My third week working at HTS was busy, busy, busy! I have done over 200 entries of feedback forms and I’ve learnt even more about dementia. Firstly, I have learnt there are many types and levels of dementia, there is not only Alzheimer dementia but there is also Vascular dementia, Fronto-temporal dementia and many more. Secondly, I have learnt there are not one set of symptoms of dementia, every single person diagnoised has a different story, or difference experience to tell. I have learnt to prevent yourself from having dementia when older, you must regularly exercise your brain, keep your body fit and healthy and generally care for your wellbeing, which to me connotes that there is more to dementia than just the biology, but the social world perhaps dictates who is more likely to suffer from dementia and why. For example, from the data so far, more women seem to suffer from dementia than men. This can be due to the way women are socialised and treated in society.

Well that’s it for this week, stay tuned for more!

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